Overpronation is Causing Shin and Ankle Pain

Stretch, stengthen and consider using arch supports

Question: Because I have pronation on both ankles and neutral arched feet I decided to buy a neutral running shoe. After running in them for a month I began having pain on both of my shins, as well as in my right ankle. What can I do to alleviate this problem and run pain-free again?

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Answer: A common side effect of overpronation is the knee falling inward (towards the midline of the body). This results in unequal force distribution across the knee joint (higher lateral forces, lower medial forces). Therefore, the goal is to correct alignment, such that the lower leg is completely in-line with the upper leg. Arch supports should provide immediate relief because they help to elevate the arch, and consequently, push the knee outward. Hip abductor strengthening and IT band stretching are essential in order to pull the knee outward and further prevent the knee from falling in.

Rami Hashish, PT, DPT

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