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The 10 Best Disc Golf Sets to Step Up Your Game

It’s Frisbee meets golf.

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Disc golf, sometimes called frisbee golf, is a sport that is almost identical to golf in terms of rules and objectives. However, instead of shooting a ball with a club toward a hole on a grass course, you throw a plastic disc through the air toward a metal basket target. If you love throwing a frisbee or don’t want to spend a fortune on a set of golf clubs and greens fees, this sport is perfect for you.

Are you a disc golf newbie? Then you might be a little overwhelmed by the thousands of discs available in the market. It may be hard to choose suitable discs for your needs, especially if you're still starting and unsure of what makes a good beginner disc. But fear no more, because we've got you covered. It's time to gather some friends and get your frolf on. Check out the ten best disc golf sets below.

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1 Innova Disc Golf Starter Set

If you’re new to the game, this starter set is your ticket. It includes a putter, three drivers, a midrange driver, and a mini-disc for marking your shots. All five discs are specifically designed with beginner-friendly weight, comfortable grip, and solid performance in variable weather conditions.

2 Westside Discs Origio Burst Disc Golf Starter Set

We love this five-disc set from Finland-based Westside Discs because of its versatility, quality, and affordability. It features two drivers (a king and a queen), a midrange disc, a putter, and a utility disc (the Underworld Fairway driver) that can do a little bit of everything.

3 Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Disc Golf Starter Set

Dynamic Discs makes flying discs for experienced players and beginners alike, and this great set includes the Escape Fairway driver, the midrange disc Truth, and the Judge putter, the latter two of which have either won in competitions or been given awards. A mini marker disc is also included. This is a three-disc set, but you can also opt for a five-disc set.

4 X-COM Disc Golf Beginner Starter Set with 3 Discs

The X-Com disc golf set is not only the most affordable three-disc starter set currently available at Amazon, but it also includes three of the best golf discs for beginners. All three discs in this set are easy to throw for beginners, but can also be used for controlled shots by intermediate disc golfers.

5 Innova Disc Golf Set
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If you want to get serious about your disc golf game, this Innova set is for you. These discs are made with durable DX plastic, and each disc feels and throws just right, which is especially good for those still in the process of perfecting the sport.

6 Infinite Discs Divergent 2-Disc Starter Set

If you’re looking for high-quality discs that last a long time but are still looking for a low price point, consider the Divergent two-disc starter set.

This set includes two premium quality discs that work for a variety of skill levels. The Narwhal glides well and excels with approach shots and long-distance putts, while the Kraken is a low-speed driver with an incredible glide.

7 Discmania Active Soft Disc Golf Set of 3

Whether you’re just starting out or have been playing disc golf for a while, this Discmania three-disc set has been designed for all skill levels. The Active soft plastic is the perfect balance between keeping the disc firm as well as soft to the touch–meaning the disc always feels comfortable in your hand.

8 WEN JIAN Disc Golf Set

This disc golf set offers excellent value and is considerably more affordable than other disc golf sets from higher-end brands. It’s perfect for those who are on a budget.

The set includes two drivers, two mid-range discs, and two putters. Unfortunately, there’s no deviation between the qualities of each type of disc, so they are effectively two sets, rather than a large set for use by one person. But on the flip side, it means there are enough discs here for two people to play.

9 CROWN ME Disc Golf Starter Set

This has to be one of the most complete disc golf starter sets out there. Rather than just getting the basic three discs, you get six discs altogether. In addition to this, you also get a mini disc marker, a small towel, and a bag to carry all the discs in. No wonder it’s a bestseller!

10 Latitude 64° Retro Burst 3 Pack Disc Golf Starter Set

This set includes three discs: one driver (straight shooter for drives up to 350 feet), one mid-range (stable and predictable flight path up to 300 feet), and one putter (easy turnovers and straight flights even at low speeds.)

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