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The 10 Best Disc Golf Bags to Add to Your Wish List

These options are ace.

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You may think that discs are not as heavy as golf clubs, so why would you need a separate bag for that? Well, the game may just seem like carrying a few frisbees in your hand but the actual scenario is a bit different. As most disc golf courses have 9-18 holes, you need to walk miles to play a match. You will need water, markers, scorecards at the very least. With the increasing levels, the number of discs will increase too.

But deciding whether you need a disc golf bag or not is not as hard as choosing one. You need to consider the storage capacity, material, style, stability, weather protection, budget, and much more. Keeping all these in mind, we have come up with a list of the ten best disc golf bags available now on Amazon. Ready to hit the disc golf courses? Check out our picks below.

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1 Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Golf Backpack

The Dynamic Discs Trooper backpack comes with a main compartment and three additional pockets that can handle all accessories needed for a full disc golf round. There's also a drawstring-enclosed water bottle holder on one side of the bag, and on the other side, there's a large side pocket for extra storage.

2 Dynamic Discs Cadet Disc Golf Bag

This Cadet disc golf bag is used as a simple side satchel for casual play. There is an exterior putter pocket that can hold two discs, and on the inside, you can keep 8-10 discs. It also has a water bottle holder on one side of the bag, and a zippered mesh pocket to keep your keys, markers, and scorecards stored safely.

3 Throwback All Day Pack

The Throwback All Day Pack consists of a built-in cooler that can fit all your beverages and snacks along with an ice pack or two to keep things cold for the entire round. You just need to unzip the main compartment and fill up your bag with all the refreshments you need for a day at the course.

As for the discs, the bag has three stretch pockets on both sides of it and a two-putter pocket in the front for easy access.

4 Disc Living Disc Golf Bag

This is one of the most lightweight bags built for recreational disc golf rounds. It has a lightweight design with a convenient padded sling belt. Thus, you can sling it across the shoulder or wear it on your waist. As the water bottle holder on one side of the bag is within your reach, you won't need to take it off for a water break.

The main compartment can hold 7-8 discs, while the front putter pocket holds two. Since it doesn't have room for many other accessories, we recommend this bag for casual and recreational disc golfers only.

5 Infinite Discs Slinger Bag

This Slinger bag is a combination of traditional shoulder bags and backpacks. It has one shoulder strap that can be adjusted for both shoulders. You can also sling it across your body or can simply carry it in your hand. As for the disc capacity, the inside pocket can hold up to ten discs.

6 Athletico Disc Golf Bag

The Athletico Ace Frisbee golf bag is designed for disc golfers of all ages because of its basic, compact, and lightweight design. It can hold 10-14 discs and has a water bottle holder on the side. You can also keep your markers, scorecards, gloves, keys, towel, etc. in the large side pocket.

7 Innova Adventure Pack Backpack Disc Golf Bag

This backpack has a stylish exterior design. It comes with a padded handle and straps to ensure comfort and is available in three other colors. It has four zipped pockets to let you carry all of your accessories, while the main compartment keeps your discs well-organized.

8 Discraft Weekender Disc Golf Bag
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This is one of the most affordable options available on the market. The bag has a water bottle holder and comes with a rain cover to help you protect your discs and valuables from rain.

We recommend this bag for newbies since it only has enough space for basic essentials that recreational players need.

9 Axiom Discs Cell Disc Golf Starter Bag

This entry-level bag is pretty lightweight and has a compact design that can be carried around easily. As the bag is made of water-resistant material, it keeps the discs dry in case you get stuck in the rain.

The main compartment can hold 7-11 discs and has a divider inside to keep the discs separate and well-organized. This bag has a quick access putter pocket in the front and a water bottle holder on the side.

10 MVP Disc Sports Backpack Shuttle Bag

The MVP Disc Sports backpack can hold 18-24 discs and has a side pocket and bottle holder. It also has a small accessory pocket to keep your markers and scorecards within your reach.

This bag stands comparatively well on the ground and has a sleek and stylish design.

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