Today is Deadline to File Vibram Class Action Claim

Settlement site offering refunds has been open since May.

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Today is the last day to file a claim as part of the Vibram class action suit the company settled earlier this year over alleged false advertising claims.

In March 2012 Valerie Bezdek brought a class action suit against Vibram, alleging that Vibram deceived consumers by saying its FiveFingers models could reduce foot injuries and strengthen foot muscles, without basing those assertions on scientific evidence. While denying it had purposefully misled consumers, Vibram settled the case to put the matter to rest and avoid additional legal expenses.

The settlement site began accepting claims in May. Claimants can seek to be reimbursed for up to two pairs of FiveFingers; no proof of purchase is necessary to file a claim. Vibram will award up to a maximum of $94 per pair, although the settlement agreement acknowledges that, based on similar settlements, it is reasonable for class members to expect to receive between $20 and $50 per pair.

In July, Vibram announced that, through the end of 2014, consumers who buy FiveFingers on the company's site can try them for six weeks and get a full refund if they're unsatisfied with the shoes.


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