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What This Tool Does: The Shoekicker online search tool scans over a dozen sites for the best deals on a particular model of running shoe, doing the leg work to find the best price on the specific model of shoes you already know you love.

Why Use This Tool: While the values of brick and mortar running stores are undeniable—individual attention, expert opinions, the latest models, a chance to test the shoes out, and often plenty of membership and community perks—they don’t always have every shoe in every size or at low prices. Shoekicker makes hunting online a breeze, and saves money at the same time. It’s particularly useful for runners who are loyal to a particular model, especially if it’s older or is no longer being made, or runners whose size is often out of stock.

How to Use This Tool: If you know your shoe size and the model of shoe you want, a search takes all of 5 seconds. Just plug in those details, plus the gender fit you want, click “show me the best price,” and the tool will spit out your best options instantly.