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Tracksmith’s Swim-Friendly Line Gives You an Excuse to Go for a Midrun Dip

The Run Cannonball Run Collection is made of soft, quick-drying fabric that won’t cause you to be a soppy mess on the run back.

tracksmith run cannonball
Lakota Gambill

The RW Takeaway: The men’s and women’s Run Cannonball Run shorts and bra are made for taking a literal “cooldown” midrun.

  • Quick-drying micro nylon/elastane fabric
  • Reversible bra
  • Thin, supportive liner

    Price: $88, men’s and women’s shorts (each); $68, run bra
    S to XL (M), XS to L (W)
    6-inch (M), 5-inch (W)
    Bra Impact:
    Medium for A to C cups
    Slate Blue, Terra Cotta

    In the blistering heat of summer, neighborhood kiddie pools, hidden springs, and glistening lakes become irresistible as we tag on that extra mile under a blazing sun. Tracksmith’s Run Cannonball Run line does double duty as comfy activewear that wicks away sweat and swim apparel that won’t drag you down—or flop around—should you choose to dive in. Just make sure the water’s not too shallow.

    Test Editor Amanda Furrer and Runner-in-Chief Jeff Dengate tested out the collection to see how it fares for water rats on the run.

    Lakota Gambill
    Run Cannonball Run Shorts

    • Back zipper pocket stores smartphones (backside shown above)
    • Soft, quick-drying, swim-friendly fabric

    • One inseam only; 5 inches

    The Women’s Kit Passed the Ocean Test

    I packed the Run Cannonball Run bra and shorts for an overnight visit in the beach town I grew up in on Long Island. On a temperate 70-degree morning, when the air was hazy after a night of thunderstorms and the humidity caused sunscreen to streak on your skin, I headed out wearing the kit for an 8-mile run-and-back to the ocean.

    The second-skin fabric is a little thicker than a swimsuit, but I felt fast and stealthy—that “slate blue” is really shark blue—as I hugged the side of the road while cars with surf boards whizzed by, heading to the same destination. A feature I love about the bra is that it’s reversible; when worn inside-out, the brand’s signature red and white stripes border the band. It puts you in a racing kind of mood, reminiscent of the side seams of old track uniforms from yesteryear.

    tracksmith run cannonball
    The Run Bra is currently out of stock now. We will update when it becomes available.
    Lakota Gambill

    The shorts have a longer inseam than I’m used to (5 inches). Despite my wish for a 2-inch leg length, I didn’t overheat or become distracted by the sleek fabric. The internal waistband has elasticated red and white stripes, which you can fold over if you prefer a lower waistline.

    My iPhone 11, a conspicuous rectangle on my lower backside, didn’t bounce inside the zippered back pocket as I ran. The waistband was comfortably compressive enough that a drawstring wasn’t missed or needed, even with the weight of my smartphone.

    tracksmith run cannonball
    Worn inside-out, the reversible bra has a red/white underband.
    Lakota Gambill

    The water was perfect for cooling off midrun, but the true test is the journey back. Instead of floppy, soaking material that was sure to cause misery and possible regret for submerging myself in the Atlantic, I didn’t feel weighed down or soppy as I retraced the 4 miles back to my friend’s home. In fact, the humidity was more bearable in the damp kit; although, I did faintly smell of sweat and sea as the heat curled in.

    The price is pretty steep for both pieces, and inventory is going fast with some of the sizes. Granted, you could swim in any running apparel or swimsuit, but it’s a pretty sweet investment for a medium impact support bra and large storage pocket in your swim bottoms. Just remember to remove your phone before taking the plunge.

    Lakota Gambill
    Run Cannonball Run Shorts

    • Thin, stretchy liner
    • Quick-drying fabric

    • Slightly baggier and longer than 2019 model

    Run and Swim Chafe-Free in the Men’s Run Cannonball Run Shorts

    “Run, swim, run” might not be on the training plan for most runners, but it’s a heck of a lot of fun on a hot summer day. You could get away with a regular pair of shorts for it, but you might be soggy for the first few miles when you start running again. I’ve done it chafe-free in a pair of Saxx, and got a little rub in a pair of Nike short-shorts in the past.

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    The Run Cannonball Run Shorts, however, are designed just for this, with soft, stretchy, and comfortable fabric that works just as well when you’re swimming as on the run—and they dry fast.

    tracksmith run cannonball
    Ideal for planned and unplanned midrun cannonballs.
    Lakota Gambill

    My lone gripe is that the cut of the 2020 short is a little too long. The shell of the new shorts is roughly 1 inch longer than the men’s medium pair I bought in spring 2019. The older shorts have a more classic and slim fit. The 2020 are a little baggier, with a more athletic cut. I might break out the sewing machine and take an inch or two off the inseam, because I can feel it tugging with every stride. The length and weight of the fabric just makes it a little more obvious, even if it’s not a real problem. I’m a fan of shorter shorts, so it might be even less of an issue for people who typically wear 5- or 7-inch inseams.

    tracksmith run cannonball
    A zippered side pocket so your waterproof belongings won’t float away.
    Lakota Gambill

    At $88, they’re an awful lot of money for a specialized pair of shorts—how often are you really going to stop and swim? I do it a handful of times every summer, though not sure I really need a pair dedicated just for the task. Also, those midrun dips usually aren’t planned in advance, but more of a happy discovery on a trail run or long road run up in the Adirondacks. In that case, I swim in whatever I’m wearing.

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