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Fourlaps Finally Released a Women’s Activewear Collection—and We Tested It

We enlisted the help of running couples to test and compare notes on the brand’s original menswear and new women’s pieces.

Lakota Gambill

One of the best things about Fourlaps is that the brand finds a formula and sticks with it—with the occasional minor tweaks. Mainstay pieces include the seven-inch Bolt Shorts, Level Tech Tee, and our favorite functional and lounge-able Rush Joggers. The only hangup is that Fourlaps only carries men’s activewear—until now.

Last year, the company launched its women’s collection, complete with women’s version counterparts—hello, Rush Joggers—plus sports bras and leggings.

We rallied two running couples in our testing program to test some of Fourlaps’s classic men’s pieces along with their women’s counterparts for comparison. Our women testers also got to try the brand’s new sports bras and running tight.

Our Testers

Our testers were Peter and Lindsay Vuong of Collegeville, PA, and Michael and Laura Yoder of Fleetwood, PA.

Peter and Lindsay met in college 20 years ago and will be celebrating their eighth wedding anniversary this year. They met when Peter was training for a marathon. The Vuongs now train together when they can, sneaking out at lunch or bringing their two kids along in the jogging stroller. Peter races longer distances, while Lindsay prefers 5Ks.

“We always attend each other’s races with the kids and cheer for each other from the sidelines,” said Peter.

The Yoders met through the Pagoda Pacers Athletic Club running group and have been married since 2018. Both Michael and Laura ran in high school and have continued for more than 40 years, finishing both 5Ks and ultras together. They recently finished the Blues Cruise 50K in Leesport, PA last October, and ran as pacers at the Reading Hospital Half Marathon.

“Mike has contributed so much to my running, as he was not only a seasoned runner, but an accomplished ultrarunner when I met him,” Laura said. “Because of his faith in my ability and his encouragement and guidance, I have completed many ultramarathons myself.”

Michael has stepped back from racing due to injuries. He’s currently helping Laura train for this April’s Boston Marathon.

Round One of Testing: Men’s vs. Women’s Rush Joggers

The Rush Jogger is made for warming up, cooling down, and recovery (i.e., couch downtime). Peter wore the joggers during mostly mid-distance runs (four to eight miles) in 20- to 55-degree weather. On the coldest and windiest days, the Rush shielded his legs and kept them toasty.

Lakota Gambill
Rush Jogger

“I purposely ran outside in the windiest conditions I could find and the pants never failed,” he said. “I also ran in cold temperatures while it was snowing. I was impressed with how warm my legs stayed even during those runs.”

Michael did core workouts in the Rush—he felt they were too heavy for running—and aptly tested their performance during R&R sessions.

“They are really comfortable to watch TV in!” he said.

Lindsay wore the new women’s Rush over Fourlaps’s Plyo Legging when the temperature was in the teens. Laura, like her husband, found the bottoms too bulky for running but liked the French Terry Fabric, which kept her warm during hiking.

Lakota Gambill
Rush Jogger (Women’s)

Our testers were able to fit their smartphones into the zippered pocket. The downside was the large zipper, which they described as “too heavy-duty.” Lauren even scraped her hand a couple of times on the teeth when she wanted to dig her keys out.

Our testers ran in the Rush Joggers and Command Shorts.
Lakota Gambill

Round Two: Men’s vs. Women’s Command Shorts

Made for support and storage, the men’s and women’s Command Shorts have a built-in compression liner with a phone pocket on the leg, a pocket on each hip, and a back mesh pocket. The men’s liner is seven inches and the women’s is 4.5 inches long.

Similar to their joggers feedback, our testers’ impressions were that the shorts felt too heavy. But, they appreciated the liner—even though it wasn’t as compressive as they would have liked.

Lakota Gambill
Command Training Short 7 (Men’s)

“I wish the compression shorts were a tighter fit,” said Lindsay. “They were comfortable, but loose enough to move up and down while running. I have a narrower waist, but wider hips and an athletic build, so I typically wear a size medium. I would love to try these in a small to see if the fit is improved. My concern with a small is that the compression shorts will fit better, but the outer shell may be too slim in the hip and backside,” she explained.

Lakota Gambill
Command Short (Women’s)

There were also some standalone highlights between the two versions. The women’s side pockets, for example, didn’t have zippered closures like the men’s. On the other hand, the men’s version didn’t have a waistband loop like the women’s.

“I would love for this little loop to be on the men’s version too!” said Peter. His wife, Lindsay, commented how she liked hanging her shorts on a hook postrun. “The piece of material is on the men’s shorts, but it’s glued to the elastic.” He also wanted more reflective details on both the joggers and the shorts.

Women-Specific Pieces

A women’s activewear collection isn’t complete without leggings and sports bras. We had our testers run in the 25-inch inseam Plyo Legging—which has a phone back pocket and internal waistband key pocket—and the Infinity and Circuit sports bras.

Lakota Gambill
Plyo Legging

Both Lindsay and Laura found the high waistband just a little too high and tight.

“The waistband issue may have been reduced or eliminated in a size medium,” said Lindsay, who tested a small. “But they also would likely fit longer and looser in the legs.” Lindsay also found the 7/8 tights were full-length on her 5’2” frame.

Laura praised the lightweight, breathable, and stretchy material, yet wished the leg openings and calf area were more tapered and compressive.

Lakota Gambill
Circuit Sports Bra

The crossback Infinity ($68) and racerback Circuit are pullover bras with a smooth design and no removable cups. Many runners tend to forgo removable cups, which can fold over or become dislodged and misplaced in the dryer. However, both our women testers felt the thin, stretchy material needed some padding out of “concern of being discreet.”

Despite the lack of padding, the bras were supportive and comfy according to our testers. Neither runner experienced underarm chafing. Lindsay would have worn a size medium according to the sizing guide. She was glad she chose the small instead.

“The small offered the right amount of support and the band and straps fit appropriately for my body type,” she said.

“In general, I really like the simple, tailored aesthetic of the line and the company’s mission of sustainability,” she continued. “Each article of clothing also contains the tagline ‘Start Before You’re Ready,’ a nice motivational reminder that it will never feel like the perfect time to start, but to just get going anyway.”

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