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Touchdown or Fumble? A Look at Tom Brady’s New Running Apparel

We tested the new running shorts and t-shirt from the NFL quarterback’s company.

brady brand running apparel

Brady, the brand co-founded by future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady, has recently added a line of running apparel to its gym, lifestyle, and golf wear. You might be skeptical about such an extension, because if you’ve ever watched Tom Brady play, well, he’s not exactly the most exciting passer on the move. But, we had to test out the new pieces to see how they actually perform.

Of course, like the recent uptick in boutique apparel these days, you pay a premium for this gear—no doubt, when it carries the subtle “BRADY” AND “T” branding. Then again, I was just lamenting how even a pair of running shorts from a brand like Chubbies will set you back nearly $80. We’re in new territory for clothing.

That said, how does it perform?

I was sent a black Run Short Sleeve tee and white (technically “horn”) Run Short to test.

Run Short

My first thought was “White shorts? Really?” I have a rule about wearing white running shorts—well, any light color for that matter. I won’t do it. I like black, navy, even dark gray if I’m pressed. White? It’s time to break that rule, apparently, even if nobody needs to see my soggy bottoms. So I took these to a local trail loop that is relatively lightly trafficked. Fortunately, the thick white liner offers enough coverage so you don’t have any embarrassing moments at the end of a run. I was so sweaty that I had to sit on a towel/seat wrap for the drive home, but had no problems with revealing too much.

The length of the shorts was actually wonderful. I typically like shorter shorts, but these were just long enough that I could wear them somewhat casually after a run without feeling weird. The back has a center zip pocket and two envelope-style pockets that I used for stashing my ID and debit card. None is big enough for a phone. There are two hand pockets, too, if that’s a feature you dig on running shorts.

It’s a pair that I’ll certainly wear again and could even have been a longtime addition to my shorts bin, if it was in a different color. Brady does offer it in “ink,” “aqua,” and “ground,” a light brown.

Run Short Sleeve

I have mixed feelings about the shirt. The cut is too boxy. Maybe that’s to be expected from a footballer. I’m 6 feet tall, weigh 160, and wear a medium in everything. The models on the Brady website are 6’3” and wear size large. So, there’s a disconnect there. This top felt just a little too boxy, the sleeves a little too long. The shoulder cut was weird, too—I could feel it tug with any movement. The back and shoulders just weren’t quite cut to offer the natural motion I get from other high-end running-specific tops.

As for moisture management, again, it’s a mixed affair. The front of the shirt got soaked and clung to my torso on a day that wasn’t overly humid. But, surprisingly, I couldn’t wring any sweat or moisture out of it after the run.

The back of the shirt, while damp, wasn’t overly wet. It’s covered in pinholes that helped keep me cool, even as I ran long stretches under a cloudless sky.

In both cases, neither part of the shirt bounced around—there’s nothing worse than a wet tee that flops around like a Slinky.

Who’s This Collection For?

Well, I was ready to say “not for a runner like me,” somebody on a mission to bring back split shorts and cotton tees. But parts of it can work, for sure. I’d venture it’s not really for the Tracksmith crowd that prizes retro vibes with elite-caliber performance, either. In both groups, there’s a huge variety of options for apparel these days.

But, there are millions of runners here in the U.S. Many of you may want to look good on a treadmill or a Saturday jog. For going to the gym or wearing casually, you might appreciate the fashionable styling that doesn’t scream “on your left” like a track runner doing intervals. If that’s you, give Brady a look.

Below are two more pieces from the collection that we didn’t request to test yet because the temperatures are too warm at the moment.

Run Long Sleeve
Run Pant
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