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7 Best Double Jogging Strollers for Active Parents

Make those daily runs a family affair.

double jogging strollers
Staff, Courtesy of Thule

Practically any parent can attest to the fact that it's difficult to find time to run once kiddos are in the picture. However, instead of ditching your preferred exercise routine entirely or making it a weekends-only affair, there's a simple way to stay fit and spend time with your little ones: by bringing them along for the ride.

Investing in a good jogging stroller can make working out with your kiddos an enjoyable experience; the right jogging stroller will not only be easy to push, but will make the ride smooth and comfortable for your kids, too. While it may not seem like there's much of a difference between a regular stroller and a jogging stroller, jogging strollers have a few improvements to wheels, aerodynamics, storage, and sun shading that make them easier to run with—and can make them a bit pricey, too. Because jogging strollers can be expensive, you'll want to make sure that you're getting the most bang for your buck and purchasing a model that will work with your training style, mile after mile.

Since there are tons of jogging strollers out there—many of which look pretty much the same—we have gathered up some of the best double jogging strollers available. Look below for buying advice, features you should look for, and in-depth reviews of our favorite double jogging strollers on the market right now.

(And if you're in the market for a single jogging stroller, take a look at Runner's World's tested jogging strollers story.)

The Best Double Jogging Strollers

    What Should You Look for in a Jogging Stroller

    When searching for a double jogging stroller, there are a few key elements that you'll want to keep in mind to ensure a comfortable ride for you and your little ones.

    Wheels: The best and smoothest wheel will be a pneumatic bike wheel with suspension. These work great on all types of terrain, provide the smoothest ride possible, and they also offer the least resistance when running.

    Sun Shades: Sun shades will always be adjustable, but some will come down significantly more than others, which will give your kids more coverage. Some models will also have separate sun screens instead of a single one, which can be nice, especially if you have two children who require different levels of coverage.

    Car Seat Compatibility: Some models can be used with car seats from compatible brands. This is ideal for infants, as they may not be big enough to safely fit in a stroller seat yet.

    Storage: Most strollers have a large storage basket underneath, which is great for carrying everything your kids might need, as well as things you might need on your run, like extra layers or sunscreen. Some will also have cup holders and/or a storage tray on top, giving you easy access to your water bottle or phone.

    Adjustability: This factor can make or break your running experience—especially if you are taller or shorter than average. Adjustable handles ensure that you can run comfortably and keep good form no matter your height.

    How We Choose

    To find the best options among the many double jogging strollers out there, we researched the most popular models available. We found a lot of guidance in our own testing of single jogging strollers, as well as from expert reviews by Wirecutter and Healthline. We then took into account price, design, durability, adjustability, and ease of use. Finally, we consulted more than 6,300 reviews, written by people who’ve bought these models on Amazon, to settle on the strollers you'll find below.

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    Best One-Handed Control
    Urban Glide 2
    Now 20% off

    • Easy to fold
    • Adapts to bassinet

    • Expensive

    Key Specs

    • Car Seat Compatible: Yes
    • Adjustable: No
    • Cup Holders: No

    Having two kids often means you rarely have two hands free, but this stroller is easily operated and folded with just one hand. The true one-hand fold it offers—one of its most beloved features, according to customers—makes it easy to manage if you are out with the kids alone and easy to put away when you return home.

    The stroller has a super smooth ride, thanks to suspension wheels in the back and it features hand brakes, making it easy to stop on a dime. This model is a great choice for families with babies or young kids, since it is compatible with other Thule accessories that can turn the seats into a bassinet for new babies.

    Best Affordable Model
    Navigator Lite Double Jogger Stroller
    Baby Trend
    Now 16% off

    • Easy to fold
    • Speakers
    • Car seat compatible

    Key Specs

    • Car Seat Compatible: Yes
    • Adjustable: No
    • Cup Holders: Yes

    If you're looking to take your new baby out for a run, you'll want a stroller that can accommodate their car seat to provide them maximum protection.

    This one fits up to two compatible car seats at a time, which makes it a great option for twins. It works well for kids up to toddler age, and uses pneumatic bike tires for a smooth ride on any terrain. This model also has speakers that connect to your phone through an aux cord. They are not super loud, but they have enough volume to allow you to still hear your music or podcast clearly.

    This stroller also folds super easily, becoming compact and easily storable with the press of a single button.

    Customer Favorite
    Expedition Double Jogger
    Baby Trend

    • Seats move independently
    • Adjustable canopy
    • High weight capacity

    Key Specs

    • Car Seat Compatible: No
    • Adjustable: No
    • Cup Holders: Yes

    Customers love this jogger for its stability, and it received a stunning 96% approval rating from over 900 users. The seats recline independent of one another, which is great when you have one sleeping baby and another who is wide awake. The canopy is also adjustable, which helps block the sun whenever you run.

    This is a great option for races or frequent use, since you won't have to fight with it wiggling over bumps and turns. Plus, it can hold your kids from infancy through toddlerhood, and can support up to 100 pounds.

    Best for Serious Runners
    Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller
    BOB Gear

    • Super smooth ride
    • Lots of storage

    • Very expensive

    Key Specs

    • Car Seat Compatible: Yes
    • Adjustable: Yes
    • Cup Holders: No

    If you are willing to spend a little bit more, this stroller is certainly worth it. It has a super smooth ride with mountain-bike-like wheels and suspension, which makes it great for all terrains. The sun shades adjust and there are infant car seat adapters available for an additional cost.

    Not only is it adjustable for your kids, but for you as well. You can move the handle to your preferred height, which is particularly useful for when you are sharing the stroller between two people—and having it at the proper height can help keep you in good running form. This model also has tons of storage, with 10 storage pockets and a huge cargo basket underneath.

    Best Budget Model for Serious Runners
    Zoom X2 Double Jogging Stroller

    • One-arm fold
    • Lightweight

    • No car seat compatibility

    Key Specs

    • Car Seat Compatible: No
    • Adjustable: Yes
    • Cup Holder: Yes

    This is another great option for serious runners aiming to go fast—and it's well-priced, too. While the design isn't quite as streamlined as some other strollers, it has large spoked wheels, which both help keep the ride smooth for your kids and prevent you from getting stuck in any ruts while running. It has an easy one-arm fold, and weighs only 30 pounds.

    Unfortunately, this will not work with car seats, so your kids will have to be big enough to fit in the seats as-is.

    Best for Multisport Athletes
    Model A Bicycle Trailer & Stroller Conversion Kit

    • Can attach to a bike
    • Easy to store

    • No storage or drink holders
    • No SPF protection

    Key Specs

    • Car Seat Compatible: No
    • Adjustable: Yes
    • Cup Holders: No

    This stroller works not just for running, but can also be hooked up to the back of a bike. It can support two kids with a maximum weight of 100 pounds. It has a mesh shade that offers some relief from the sun, but it does not have SPF protection, and while it is more versatile than many other strollers, it doesn't have additional storage or drink holders.

    When not in use, it breaks down super easily and becomes flat, making it easy to travel with or store.

    Best For Jeep Lovers
    Jeep Destination Ultralight Side x Side Double Stroller
    Now 13% off

    • Lightweight
    • SPF 50 sun visors

    Key Specs

    • Car Seat Compatible: No
    • Adjustable: Yes
    • Cup Holders: No

    While Jeep may not be the first brand that comes to mind when you think of jogging strollers, they do know a lot about wheeled vehicles and off-roading—something that will become clear when you use this stroller. Each seat holds up to 40 pounds, and has SPF 50 visors.

    It has swivel wheels in the front and larger suspension wheels in the back, keeping the ride smooth on uneven ground. It also folds up easily, and weighs under 30 pounds, making it easy to store and lift.

    While some reviewers say they use this model for jogging, it's not specifically designed as a jogging stroller, and it may be a better—and safer—bet to use this when you're walking for exercise rather than participating in a vigorous run.

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