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5 Tools for Treating Plantar Fasciitis

Gear choices to help ease heel pain.

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the thick, fibrous band of connective tissue that runs from the heel to the base of toes. Plantar fasciitis most often feels like a sharp stab or deep ache in the middle of the heel or along the arch. As with all running injuries, conquering plantar fasciitis involves treating the symptoms and addressing the underlying causes. The five tools below will lessen your pain while you read up on long-term prevention.

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1. Icy Feet

Testers tell us that, compared to a bag of frozen peas, Icy Feet delivers a level of cold in hard-to-reach areas that can’t be beat. This molded pack has a raised arch and deep heel cup to stay in complete contact with the bottom of your foot. ($58 for two,

2. BRD Sport Plantar Fasciitis Brace

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This brace from New Jersey-based BRD Sport is produced in the United States and features a strap that wraps around your midfoot to give support through the arch. With silicone inserts knit into the sleeve that give a soft, snug hold, it helps relieve the painful symptoms associated with plantar fasciitis. ($75,

3. Moji Pro Foot Massager

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Have a golf ball rolling around under your desk? Ditch it. The Moji 360 features different sized steel balls to give you an thorough kneading along the length of your foot. The smaller balls are perfect for gently massaging the plantar fascia. Larger balls are best at working the arch, and can be used to get a deeper massage anywhere along the foot. ($40,

4. Strassburg Sock

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By tethering your toes to your shin, the Strassburg Sock maintains a gentle stretch to the fascia while you sleep. The result: increased flexibility and less pain during your first steps in the morning. ($40,

5. 30-Quart Plastic Bucket

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Even in summertime, ice baths can be excruciating. A solution: ice only the parts that hurt. A 30-quart plastic storage box, like this Rubbermaid Clever Store Premium Latch model, is big enough to fit both feet side by side. Fill it up with cold tap water above the ankles and drop in a tray or two of ice cubes for a complete foot soak. ($22,


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