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These Full-Body Deodorants Are on Sale for the Hottest Days of Summer

Because we all know it's not just the pits that get smelly...

deoderant sale
Runner's World; Courtesy Ora’s Amazing Herbal

With summer temperatures rising into the 90s, deodorant has become a must for all of us. Unfortunately, it's not always just our armpits that get sweaty and smelly. If you have found yourself a bit ripe lately, don't worry: There are plenty of deodorants out there made not only for your armpits, but safe for full-body use.

Deodorant Versus Antiperspirant

All of these options you'll find below are deodorants—not antiperspirants—intended for full-body use, not just formulas you can technically use in places other than your pits. The primary difference between most deodorants and antiperspirants is that the latter typically uses aluminum to block pores, which prevents sweat from coming through.

Some research has suggested an association between the use of personal care products containing aluminum and an increased risk of breast cancer, although this link has not been conclusively proven. However, using aluminum-based products may pose a health risk for individuals with kidney problems, as aluminum is processed through the kidneys and aluminum accumulation has been linked to bone diseases and even dementia.

How We Selected

These lightweight, odor-fighting formulas—all of which are aluminum-free and safe for use on body parts other than your pits—won't leave residue on your clothes or skin, but will keep you feeling comfortable all day. Better yet, all of the full-body deodorants you'll find below are currently on sale at Amazon. Shop fast before these great deals go away!

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