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How to Run a Marathon (As Told Through Simpsons Memes)

In honor of the 661-episode marathon on FXX, we depict the highs and lows of 26.2 miles.

Springfield Marathon

If you are a big fan of the show, then every time FXX runs a marathon of every Simpsons episode ever—that’s right, all 600-plus of them—it’s quite the thrill. Now, you can also catch every episode ever if you have a subscription to Disney+. Several editors at Runner’s World agree that it’s a great way to fill your nights catching all the classic episodes.

The first episode that references an actual marathon comes from “New Kids on the Blecch,” (Season 12, Episode 14) where seemingly everyone in Springfield lines up to run 26.2 miles. In honor of that, we wanted to describe the nerves and excitement that comes from running a real marathon—through the joy and magic that are Simpsons gifs and memes. Enjoy.

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It all starts by picking the best race for you—maybe it’s a destination race.

Then find a training plan to get into great shape.

You will need to figure out your way to the start of the race. Sometimes public transportation is the best option.

On race morning, you want to fuel up with a proper breakfast.

Before you get to the start line, use the restroom! Or scope out the race porta-potties. You don’t want to take your chances on that fast food restaurant a half-mile down the road.

Do a final gear check.

Then you are ready to run!

At the beginning you might not feel like yourself. The first few miles (like the first few seasons of The Simpsons) could take a bit for you to find your groove.

Be sure to stick with the group you’re comfortable with, whether that is a pace group or friends.

You might even want to have a good mantra in mind to get you through any rough patches.

By mile five, you might feel amazing, maybe even catching that coveted runner’s high!

It is a long race, however. You may get things stuck in your head, but don’t worry, they’ll be gone soon.

Once you get past the halfway mark, you’ll mentally go places you weren’t expecting ...

... and soon you may hit the wall.

Try to power through and finish the race strong.

In the final stretch look for race cheaters.

When you reach the finish line you will feel unstoppable.

Then you can celebrate with everyone ... maybe with a Duff beer!

And you can wear your finisher’s medal and race T-shirt with pride.
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