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Runners who wouldn’t dare head out the door before their daily dose of coffee might be doing themselves a favor. Caffeine—the key element in coffee—can do more than energize, it can boost workouts by reducing runner’s perceived exertion, helping them go longer and faster.

According to the newly released 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, adults can safely consume about three to five cups of coffee per day. But for runners looking for something other than the run-of-the-mill brew, try this recipe for pour-over coffee from Greenmouth Juice Bar and Cafe. It creates a richer and bolder cup to satisfy your taste buds and amp up your workouts.

1/4 cup finely ground beans 
2 cups hot water

Place a filter in a brew basket above a carafe or pitcher. Lightly saturate the filter with water to rinse away any flavor in the paper filter itself, then discard the rinse water.

Pour ground beans into the filter. Slowly pour hot water over the grinds, letting it absorb before adding more. The grinds should become more golden and bubbly. 

Pour the coffee into a mug from an elevated position. 

Makes one serving.

The Runner’s World Marathon Roast is perfect for the pour-over method. 

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