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The 25 Best Gifts for Tea Lovers

From cute tchotchkes to organic tea selections, we have rounded up the best gifts for every tea lover.

gifts for tea lovers

Liking coffee is a personality trait, but if you know a member of the much more reserved tea drinking community, we have found some gifts that are sure to delight them. Whether they are looking for a morning jolt or a way to unwind before bed, there is a tea for every mood. This list compiles some of our favorite gifts for tea lovers this year including apparel and accessories, tea samplers, and everything they need to make their perfect cup. We also included some gifts that are organic, and sustainably made for the more environmentally conscious.

If coffee is more their cup of tea, check out our gifts for coffee lovers guide, and take a look at the best gifts for beer lovers, too.

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For Lots of Choices
teapigs Taster Box
Now 14% off

This assorted tea box has 30 bags, and 15 different flavors. The tea is organic and sustainably made, and uses full tea leaves which helps give it a fresh and full bodied flavor. 

For Warm Hands
Clay in Motion Right Handed Handwarmer Mug

This mug is designed to keep your hands warm while you drink your tea. The envelope where your hand rests creates a hot pocket of heat perfect for the chilliest days. 

To Find Their New Favorite Tea
Harney & Sons Assorted Tea Bag Sampler
Harney & Sons

Harney and Sons makes some of the tastiest tea on the market, and this sampler allows for tea lovers of all tastes to find something they like.  Plus it includes granulated honey crystals for a touch of sweetness. 

Hot Tea for the Office
OHOM Ui Mug & Warmer Set

Tea is meant to keep you warm, but it can't do that if it constantly has to be reheated. This mug and warmer set ensures that their tea will stay piping hot as long as it takes them to finish it. Plus the base doubles as a wireless phone charger. 

For Weekend Relaxation
Boba Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is super comfy—and is great for cat and boba lovers alike. It also comes in a bunch of colors and sizes S-2X. 

For Keeping Tea Hot
Degrenne Salam Insulated Teapot

These teapots are both beautifully made, and will help to keep your tea warm for longer. They are insulated which means that it can keep up to six cups of tea warm for hours.

For Someone With a Green Thumb
Herbal Tea Seeds Variety Pack
Now 21% off

This seed kit is a great option for tea lovers with a green thumb. It comes with 10 medicinal herbs that make for great additions and unique blends, allowing them to make their own tea. 

Tea for Every Mood
Numi Organic Tea By Mood

Have a friend that never knows what they want? Help them out with this choose-by-mood tea. There are eight different tea blends that are designated based on how you are feeling. Using all-natural, organic ingredients, these are great for any naturopath.  

The Most Sustainable Tea
Tea Drop Sampler

Forget tea bags, these tea drops are a more sustainable—and unique way to enjoy an afternoon cup. Simply drop them in hot water, and they dissolve into a cup of tea. Since they use natural ingredients such as tea leaves and herbs, there will be some sediment at the bottom. 

Cutest Mug
15oz Elephant Tea Mug Green
Now 16% off

Not only is this elephant mug super cute, but it is also functional. The tail makes up the handle, and the head provides a resting spot for the tea bag when it is done steeping. 

The Most Beautiful Tea
Flower Tea Ritual Gift Set

Tea drinking is deeply embedded in the rituals of countless cultures. Whether they are familiar with tea ceremonies or not, this beautiful blooming tea can be appreciated by anyone. Each tea is made up of a single flower that blooms in the cup when hot water is poured over making every tea time a special occasion. 

For the Iced Tea Lover
Hario Aisne Cold Brew Tea Bottle

For someone who prefers their teas cold instead of hot, this bottle is designed for cold brewing. It comes in seven different color options, and five different sizes. The silicon top and plastic filter are easy to clean, and won't retain flavors. 

At Home Boba
Bubble Tea Kit

This kit allows bubble tea fanatics to make their favorite drink at home. It has two options including chai and milk tea as well as the tapioca pearls for that signature chew. 

So the Room Always Smells Like Tea
United Kingdom Candle

This candle has notes of bergamot and and earl grey tea as well as quintessential scents of the UK like toffee and rain. It is made from a natural soy wax blend, and has a burn time of 60 to 80 hours. 

A Punny Addition to Their Wardrobe
It's a Tea Shirt

This punny shirt is sure to get some chuckles. It is made from a super soft cotton material, and has an adorable original design. The shirt comes in an assortment of color options, and sizes XS to 2X. 

For the Perfect English Cuppa
English Delight Gift
Harney & Sons

For the more traditional tea lover, this kit provides everything they will need for an afternoon cuppa. It includes two variations of English Breakfast tea as well as oat cakes, sugar cubes, and an adorable tea towel. 

For the Interior Decorator
Vasagle Bar Cart

This cart can be transformed into the modern tea cart of their dreams. It comes in three different wood stain colors, and has lots of room for cups, tea, and more than a spoonful of sugar. 

Pretty Coasters
Coasters Set Set of 6

No one wants water stains on their nice wood furniture. These cute coasters add a pop of color and help prevent any permanent mug rings on the coffee table. 

The Cutest Tea
Smoko UO Exclusive Boba Tea Light

Even as adults it is sometimes comforting to sleep with a nightlight. This one is in the form of an adorable little bubble tea—complete with boba—and is battery-powered, so no wrestling with wires. 

Bring a Hint of Tea to their Cocktails
Tea Brewed Cocktail Mixers

These cocktail mixers are all tea inspired, and can add a delicious, earthy taste to any mixed drink. They come in a variety of flavors, so they can be gifted all together, or split up for multiple tea lovers. 

A Beautiful and High-Quality Kettle
Le Creuset Classic Tea Kettle Matte White
Le Creuset

This Le Creuset teapot comes in nine stunning color options. While it is on the expensive side, it is beautifully enameled and dress up any stovetop. 

For Adult Tea Parties
The Perfect Afternoon Tea Recipe Book
Lorenz Books

Who says adults can't have tea parties? This cookbook has some great recipes that will make everyone want to join in the fun. From finger sandwiches, to tiny cakes, choose from 200 recipes both savory and sweet. 

For the Matcha Drinker
Matcha Tea Set
Palais des Thés

Matcha tastes best when made in the ceremonial fashion. This set will help get the perfect amount of matcha every time, and make sure that it is smooth and lump-free.  

Tea Lover's Accessory
Tea Enamel Pin

This tiny tea pin makes a great stocking stuffer, or small gift. It is an original design, and can be bought as a single pin, or in multiple. 

Tea for the Skin
Green Tea Spa Facial Set

Tea isn't just for drinking, in fact, green tea is known for having soothing, and plumping effects when used topically. This set includes a green tea mask and jasmine facial steam, which are organic, paraben-free, and great for sensitive skin. 

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