Runners can often recall those perfect runs—clear skies, great views, effortless strides, genuine smiles. But then those other runs slap you in the face. The ones peppered with tiny bits of agony, leaving you feeling defeated after just a few miles.

And scroll through a runner’s Instagram feed, and you’ll likely see at least one fitness enthusiast who is beaming ear to ear, with just the appropriate amount of sweat and nary a hair out of place. Luckily, other runners keep it real. Search for #RunningFail, #RunningProblems, or (its shortened sister) #RunningProbs, and you’ll find plenty of runners who have fallen down (literally in some cases) and gotten right back up again.

Here are 15 examples of those resilient moments. 

When You Wear Out Your Favorite Shoes 

When Your Race Is Rain-Delayed

When Your Compression Socks Just. Won’t. Come. Off.

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When It’s So Cold Your Eyelashes Freeze

When Your Garmin Won’t Cooperate 

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When Half Your Body Is Covered in KT Tape

When You Just Don’t Want to Run Anymore 

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