Episode 28: Crash & Return

How one terrible event remade a runner.

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In his 20s, after running cross country in high school and college, Tim Manzer swore off running completely. Then, in his early 40s, his doctor told him that running would not be a part of his future.

“I wasn’t running anyway!” Tim laughed.

But in 2010, Tim was trimming some apple trees in a little orchard right next to his front yard, when he backed up into a wasp’s nest. “They’re after me. I’m zigzagging across my yard and over in the neighbor’s yard.” After 10 or so stings, Tim finally loses them. As he recovers on his front porch, he thinks to himself, “You can run. You just need the right motivation, but you can run!”

Tim’s is an unbelievable tale: it has a summer camp, a motorcycle club, poop, and wasps, of course.

Tim Manzer and his wife, Kim.
Tim Manzer

Tim Manzer completing a race, something that seemed impossible before an accident that changed his life in 2002.
Tim Manzer

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Host & producer: Rachel Swaby
Editing help: Brian Dalek
Theme Music: Danny Cocke
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