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The Mayor of Running Talks Retirement and His Favorite Races

Bart Yasso has a new book—and a new life ahead.

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First, a quick, "Welcome back!" to all of our listeners coming to us from The Runner’s World Show. And to those of you tuning into us for the first time, thank you for listening.

Fans of the The Runner’s World Show might remember that at the end of the summer we said the show was taking a break. When we came back, we’d be called Personal Best. Well, a new name was just one of the changes we’ve made over the last few months.

Personal Best is a show for everyone interested in fitness, health, and wellness. It will feature influential voices from across the athletic spectrum. We’ll talk to runners, cyclists, and triathletes. Climbers, swimmers, and yogis. Masters athletes and fitness trainers.

And we’ll talk to the people who’ve devoted their lives to improving the health and wellness of others. We’ll also explore the issues that active people care about: nutrition, injury prevention, training, and mental strategies for success, no matter what your next goal is.

For the first episode of this mini-season of Personal Best, host Brian Dalek interviews Bart Yasso.

Bart Yasso, right, at a seminar with Amby Burfoot during the 2017 Runner’s World Half & Festival in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
Ryan Hulvat

If you’re a runner, chances are, you know Bart. Maybe you’ve met him at a race. Maybe you’ve heard him give a talk at an expo. Maybe you’ve read his memoir, My Life On The Run, or his new book, Race Everything: How To Conquer Any Race At Any Distance In Any Environment And Have Fun Doing It.

Bart has inspired thousands to start running, to return to running, or to simply continue running because of the magic that is Bart Yasso.

Now, after a career that has lasted 30 years, Bart is leaving Runner’s World. He’s retiring.

Which made him the perfect candidate for this inaugural episode of the show. Host Brian Dalek had a lot of questions for Bart: about his new book, his role as the “running whisperer,” and the many letters he's received over the years.

And of course, Brian had to start with the most pressing question of them all: Why retire?

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