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I get more of a rush from revving my own engine

Although I have always enjoyed running, it wasn’t until I started logging my miles and training for events (at age 37) that running had a real impact in my life. I guess it was the preventative medicine for a mid-life crisis; which is good as I get more of a rush from revving my own engine that I could get from any car.

The last 12 years of focused running has been a great adventure of setting goals and working towards them. It took me four marathons to break four hours; so while there were let downs of not achieving that goal, I never lost sight of the fact that I was working towards something that I couldn’t have even dreamt of 10 years prior.

Why I joined RW+

RW+ gives me more connection to other runners’ stories.

Favorite Route = Maybury State Park

I run weekdays in the evening, preferably ending just after sunset. Weekends I prefer to get out early and get my run in. I have a few favorite routes. I have a seven mile course (loop) in the residential area where I live. I don’t have to cross any main roads so I get to go non-stop on low traffic residential streets as opposed to sidewalks. I have two schools, each about a mile from my house, for my track workouts. Maybury State Park is my favorite place—great for hilly trail runs.

Goal Setter

When I’m training for a specific event, that event becomes the main motivation. In between event training, I try to run new places or come up with short term goals. A few years ago I challenged myself to run 200 miles in a month. I had some issues in the middle of the month, so the last 10 days I had to really push myself to get the miles in. End result: 203.4 miles.

Favorite Gear

I’ve used a Garmin 225 for years (I’m on my second one). I have a number of track workouts on it that help keep me motivated and it doesn’t do any of things I don’t want it to do; no music, no call or text notifications, it just tells me how far I’ve gone and how long it took me.