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opportunities for success

I used to worry that I wouldn’t have the endurance to complete long runs, and with Type 1 diabetes, that I wouldn’t be able to keep my blood sugar stable. But running has taught me that with the right amount of training and planning, you can accomplish just about anything. It’s made me approach challenges not as obstacles, but as opportunities for success.

enjoying the miles ahead

On the days I lack motivation, I always remind myself how clear-headed and energized I feel after a run. I love the opportunity to listen to music or podcasts with no other distractions—just a singular focus on enjoying the miles ahead.

Ray Roberts Lake State Park

My favorite place to run is at Ray Roberts Lake State Park—the trails have just the right combination of shade and hills.

Favorite apparel

I always wear CVG leggings (I have a design to fit pretty much every mood).

fun fact

When I was in fifth grade, my P.E. teacher taught our whole class how to juggle—and I’m still pretty good at it.

current goal

I’m set to run the Kentucky Derby virtual marathon at the end of April—so after four half marathons, my goal is to finish my first full marathon.