11 Things a Runner Never Wants to Hear

When on a run or in a race, these comments always make runners cringe.

Things A Runner Never Wants to Hear
Dan Fuehrer
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The Guy in the Banana Suit is Catching You
Dan Fuehrer
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At Least You're Not Last
Dan Fuehrer
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Dan Fuehrer
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Run the Tangents
Dan Fuehrer
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It's All Downhill From Here
Dan Fuehrer
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You're Almost There
Dan Fuehrer
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Aren't You Too Old To Be Running
Dan Fuehrer
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You're Ruining Your Knees
Dan Fuehrer
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Use Your Legs
Dan Fuehrer
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Run, Forrest, Run
Dan Fuehrer
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Better Hurry Up, They're Running Out of Beer at the Finish
Dan Fuehrer
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