Reading, Writing, and Running

Here's how learning and exercise go hand in hand

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When Carol Goodrow, a teacher in Tolland, Connecticut, takes her class of youngsters out for their weekly mile run, she's not just doing it because she wants to share her love of running. She knows that once they get back, they'll all write excitedly about it in their journals.

"Running and learning go together," says Goodrow, who developed, a Web site that offers fitness advice for children, links to running programs, and advice on including running in the student curriculum. Goodrow's messages of learning through running also fill her popular children's book Happy Feet, Healthy Food (available on Geared to children ages 6 to 12, the book is a yearlong journal with exercise and nutrition advice (like a recipe for a healthy ice-cream sundae filled mostly with fruit), along with daily pages to write about the day's activities and eating habits.

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