Massage after running can relieve DOMS and muscle soreness

Research into studies shows benefits of massage on tired muscles.

Even when you feel like tapping out in pain, there is something satisfying about receiving and surviving a massage on tired legs. The psychological benefits of being touched and muscles being worked is often all it takes for treatment to register in the brain as a success, but now you can justify the expenditure even more as the analysis of a group of studies has concluded that “current evidence suggests that massage therapy after strenuous exercise could be effective for alleviating DOMS and improving muscle performance.”

Utilising a wealth of information on seven different databases, including PubMed (read the extract here), the researchers amassed 23 data points from eleven articles (involving 504 participants). Taking into account muscle maximal isometric force (the muscle is activated, but is held at a constant length), peak torque and creatine kinase (an elevated creatine kinase often indicates there has been stress to muscle tissue), the findings demonstrated that muscle soreness rating decreased significantly when the participants received massage intervention compared with no intervention.

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