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Lululemon launch new running apparel collection

The new SenseKnit Running Collection for men and women has been designed to give runners a 'next-to-nothing' feeling. Here's what we thought of it...

lululemon senseknit running collection
Jenna Saint Martin

Lululemon has launched a new running apparel collection called SenseKnit. The collection offers pieces for both women and men – all designed to give runners a next-to-nothing feeling and a distraction-free running experience.

The women’s SenseKnit Running Collection consists of a running-one piece, tank top and cycling-style shorts, while the men’s collection includes a long sleeve, shorts and tights. There are also compression sleeves for men and women (you can shop the collection below).

The garments provide zoned on-body pressure for lightweight compression and engineered zones of support. However, where some compression clothing can be restrictive and overly warm, the SenseKnit garments have been designed to provide total mobility and breathability with zoned ventilation knitted into the fabric.

The collection, which has been four years in the making, has been co-created with US track and field athlete and Olympic long jumper Tara Davis and US Paralympic sprinter Hunter Woodhall, alongside other ambassadors, who helped the brand understand how athletes want to feel when running and what the products needed to deliver.

Our deputy digital editor Jenny Bozon has been testing the women’s SenseKnit Tank and Running HR Shorts on her runs over the last couple of weeks. Here’s her verdict…

SenseKnit Running Tank Top

women's running vest

Shop now, £58, lululemon.co.uk

This tank looks incredibly flattering on, as it cuts above the waist, and so looks great (and very slimming) when paired with the high-rise shorts from the new collection or any other high-waisted cycling-style shorts or leggings. The fabric is lovely and lightweight and super soft to touch, and there are ventilation holes weaved throughout which which give it good breathability. At £58, it's pricey for a running tank, but packs in all the tech you'd want and need: flat and smooth seams and moisture-wicking fabric with plenty of stretch, treated with Lululemon's No-Stink Zinc to inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria. Most importantly, though, it's very comfortable to run in. Oh, and the Rhino Grey colourway is stunning and makes a nice change from wearing black!

SenseKnit Running High-Rise Short 10"

lululemon senseknit running collection

Shop now, £98, lululemon.co.uk

As soon as you put these on, it's as though they're giving your thighs a gentle hug, which you'll probably feel you need after forking out nearly £100 for them...

The hefty price tag aside, these are a quality and wonderfully comfortable pair of cycling-style shorts. The fabric is buttery soft, and this combined with the flat high-rise waistband (which, we can confirm, does not dig in) is reminiscent of Lululemon's Align yoga pants, famed for their lofty levels of comfort. There's a continuous drawcord allowing you to adjust the fit and a fold-over envelope pocket at the back, which is just about big enough for a phone, though is probably better suited for stashing keys and gels. When trying these during multiple tough interval workouts on hot days, we found they offered ample breathability and dried sweat quickly, while also providing the stretch and flex you need when pushing the pace.

Also in the women's collection...

SenseKnit High-Rise Running Tight 28"

lululemon senseknit

Shop now, £148, lululemon.co.uk

SenseKnit High-Rise Running Crop 23"

lululemon senseknit

Shop now, £138, lululemon.co.uk

Men's SenseKnit Running Collection

SenseKnit Running Long Sleeve

lululemon senseknit

Shop now, £88, lululemon.co.uk

SenseKnit Running Tight 28"

lululemon senseknit

Shop now, £138, lululemon.co.uk

SenseKnit Running Short 10"

lululemon senseknit

Shop now, £118, lululemon.co.uk

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