Tried and tested: SunGod Ultras

A pair of sunnies purpose-built for running, you say? Don't mind if we do

SunGod Ultras

SunGod is a British performance eyewear brand, and this is its first pair of shades specifically designed for runners. The frameless construction is designed to offer a panoramic view of your surroundings, while their light weight (26g) means they won’t weight you down at all. The shades offer 100% UV protection and the product has designed to offer bounce-free comfort on the run. Here’s what we made of the Ultras.

Wide-screen clarity

While some sunnies create blind spots, the Ultras provide exceptional clarity. All the details of the trail – roots on the floor, branches above – are just as clear as when not wearing shades. The frameless design and spherical lenses widen the field of vision – even the periphery is covered with the Ultras. On our trail outings in these, we had no issues negotiating technical paths, something that we can’t say about a lot of other sunglasses. As a bonus, the lenses’ triple-layer scratch resistance provide peace of mind against low-hanging twigs, tumbles or over-curious family pets.

Bounce-free fit

Of the several key qualities one needs from a pair of running sunglasses, being bounce-free is right up there. Here the Ultras again excel. The all-new arm construction and customisable nose pads meant that, even on steep ups and downs, the shades stuck firmly in place. The nose pads – of which you get four different sizes – are made from a material that becomes grippier as you sweat, useful in the hotter weather. The result of such a bounce-free fit is that you immediately feel comfortable wearing these at any pace over any terrain.

Bold looks

There’s no getting around the fact that the Ultras are pretty bold look. If you’re looking for a pair of shades you could also wear socially, these are probably not it. They’re a statement sunny. The lenses are large and the whole design screams “performance eyewear”. Decide for yourselves if this is for you.


One of the anxieties faced when purchasing a pair of premium sunnies is the prospect of breaking them. While the Ultras don’t have cockroach levels of durability, they are built from something called an Adventureproof frame designed to stand up to the rigours of ultrarunning. This doesn’t mean that they’ll withstand being sat on down the pub, but they feel pretty sturdy given their streamlined design. Plus, SunGod provides a lifetime guarantee on ever product. So if your Ultras break – or you break them – SunGod will repair them free of charge. Yippee!

Environmental creds

SunGod has decent environmental creds. It’s a certified carbon neutral company and you have option of going for an Infinite frame, which promises the same durability while being made from 100% recycled material.


In today’s market, £130 for a pair of high-tech sunglasses represents an excellent deal. Throw in the fact that they’re fully customisable – you can mix and match your choice of lenses, frame, earsock and more – the on-the-run clarity is exceptional, and the environmental creds are sound, and you have a standout product made for your next running adventure.

Technical Specifications:

  • Lens width: 133mm
  • Lens height: 59mm
  • Temple arm length: 121mm
  • Frame material: Adventureproof TR90
  • Weight: 26g
  • Lens material: 8KO 2mm nylon; hydroleophobic with triple-layer scratch resistant coating; 2 Iris photochromic lens options available
  • EarSock and Nose Pad material: Grip-Lock hydrophilic rubber
  • Hinges: Pop-Lock Screwless technology
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